Eradicate Lionfish and Save the Reefs!

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Learn about ReefSave, how to help fight the Lionfish invasion and where to volunteer this summer!

Invasive Lionfish

The Indo-Pacific lionfish is an invasive species in the Atlantic Ocean & Caribbean Sea. Lionfish are predators with a voracious appetite, no natural predators, and a rapid rate of reproduction. They are destroying the natural balance of the reefs by over consuming reef fish and juveniles, threatening marine life and the reef itself.

ReefSave Mission

To do scientific research, education, and training to implement strategies  that protect Western Atlantic and Caribbean reefs from loss of marine life, through practical implementations that create economic benefits for practices that promote self-sustaining long term reef health. The mission applied to Invasive Lionfish Problem is set forth in the The Plan

ReefSave Goals

To facilitate NOAA approval for lionfish traps. Help those outside of the U.S. make a living taking lionfish from the ocean. Provide support, training, and public awareness of the Lionfish Problem.

To learn more about Reefsafe please visit their website!


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