Instructor and Dive Shop Opening Message

Opening day for diving is
Thursday, July 9th!

Thank you for your patience and understanding in these uncertain times!  While our season 2020 won’t be what we envisioned, we are doing our best to get back to diving and support our community.  Navigating through the changing state and federal directives to keep our customers and staff safe to open has always been on the forefront of our minds!

This season we will only be open for scuba and freediving:

Thurs & Fri: 10am – 6pm
Sat* & Sun: 8am – 6pm
*Night Diving Available
(details to follow)
Mon – Wed: by appointment only
Reservations must be made 48 hours in advance.
No Camping or Non-diving activities allowed in 2020!

Instructor Pass Update

Due to wording changes in our waiver, pass holders must complete a new waiver prior to entering the facility this year.  Please choose the correct insurance update! If you have renewed your insurance for 20/21 please wait until you receive your new insurance to fill out the update. If you will be using a policy that is from 19/20 (and was extended due to COVID-19) please choose the 19/20 Insurance update.
All uninsured instructors must purchase a $45 diver ticket throughout the 2020 season. 
Click here for the Uninsured Instructor Waiver

Changes for 2020

have been made in response to COVID-19 for the 2020 season.  All non-diving activities have been canceled for this season only. This includes: the Aqua & Aerial Parks, snorkeling, food concessions and open water swimming.  There also will be no tent or pavilion rentals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be an exception for a non-diver to be on-premises in the case of minor divers?
We will allow non-divers to accompany minor divers. The $15 admission (or drop off) ticket will not be available online. Please fill out a waiver and purchase the ticket at the admissions window.
Snorkeling is prohibited but will snorkeling skills be allowed when part of a training course. ie. IDC or DMC workshop training?
Snorkeling will be allowed only in conjunction with dive training. We will not allow customers to snorkel recreationally.
Will rental gear be available? specifically drysuits & drysuit packages?
Yes and yes. Especially now, we ask for prior notice. We just are not renting nitrox tanks this year.
Your guidelines have PPE masks listed. Does this mean that they have to be specifically medical PPE masks and not just a face-covering ie. non-medical mask, scarf or buff?
Doesn’t matter what type of face covering is worn over your mouth and nose. Because of using masks in diving, we didn’t just want to say please wear a mask. There would be people walking around in their scuba mask saying that we didn’t specify! LOL!
Will you be spacing out picnic tables to assist with the social distancing of groups?
Other than when customers come in contact with staff, we are letting customers self-regulate social distancing. That includes moving the picnic tables appropriate distances apart.
How best can we manage to get our whole group in within the 250 person limit? ie. if part of the group is in the first 250 people and part of the group is in line after the cutoff. Will those after the cut off be simply turned away after traveling in some case almost 2 hrs to arrive and thus separated from the group? Or would exceptions be made in limited cases?
There will be exceptions but we don’t anticipate having a problem with that limit. As long as they have purchased the ticket in advance (they will be day specific) we will not turn anyone away. If we see that we start hitting limits, we will institute a reservation system for instructors and season pass holders.
Do you anticipate limiting dive center group sizes to accommodate more shops?
We don’t think there will be a need to limit groups. We anticipate lower numbers of people getting certified this summer. If we see that we start hitting limits, we will institute a reservation system for instructors and season pass holders.
For the diving by instructor reservation M/T/W will there be medical/safety personnel onsite at the regular lookouts?
There would not be medical/safety staff at the lookout. There will be a dive professional onsite that would react if there was an emergency but they would be working their normal jobs. There will not be any medical personnel on-site M-F. (It would be like any other time an instructor calls to come when we are closed.)