Solo Diving at Dutch Springs

All solo divers MUST be Solo Diving Certified and dive with a Locator!
Open Circuit diving only.  Rebreathers can not be used while solo diving.

Solo Diving Rules

  • A solo diving certification card must be presented before filling out any paperwork to solo dive.
  • A Dutch Springs waiver must be on file.
  • A locating device, either approved by or rented from Dutch Springs, must be worn on all dives.
  • Open circuit diving only.  Solo diving on a rebreather is not allowed.
  • Just prior to entering the water and upon exiting the water, you must check in with a Dutch Springs staff member located around the lake.
  • All Dive Plans and revisions must be documented on the solo log sheet before entering the water.
  • All equipment specified under the solo diving certification must be worn.
  • All rules and regulations specified by certifying agency


  • Rent a locator from Dutch Springs for $16/day + $350 deposit
    1. if the solo diver has their own locator
    2. it must have two parts - transponder and reciever
    3. turn both sides on to show they work together
    4. transponder stays with solo diver
    5. receiver stays on the "on" position until the end of the day
  • Fill out and sign all paperwork including rules, emergency contact information and side of the lake the solo diver will be diving on
  • The front office will give the diver a solo diver form and will ask the solo dver to please fill out and present it to the lakestaff before the first dive
  • The front office staff will radio the lakestaff at the appropriate side of the lake, giving the name of the diver that will be coming down to register


  • Completely fill out the solo diver form
    • name, date, equipment description
    • approximate dive plans, including entry and exit points and approximate dive times
  • Hand the dive plan to the lakestaff before your first dive
  • Right before entering the water, the diver will report to the lakestaff lookout station to verify the transponder is on and the time entering the lake will be logged
  • Upon exiting the water the solo diver needs to check out with the lakestaff

Dutch Springs reserves the right to revoke the priviledge of solo diving if the diver does not sign in and out with the lakestaff and/or does not follow Dutch Spings Solo Diving Procedure