Welcome to the Dutch Springs Scuba Diver Family

If you are new to diving or new to Dutch Springs, this page provides you with an overview of what to expect! Always check with your dive shop or instructor for their requirements.


Park in the outer parking lot near our admissions office.


Pay the daily admission fee and sign our park waiver.


Drop off your equipment at your instructor’s setup location.

Note: You may use your vehicle to take your tanks to the air fill station. Air fill tickets are available for purchase at the admissions office.

Getting to Dutch Springs

Getting to Dutch Springs is easy. We are located in the Lehigh Valley just north of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

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Admission to Dutch Springs

When you arrive at Dutch Springs, please park in our outer parking lot, outside of our main gate then go to the admissions office. There you will fill out a park waiver and pay the daily admission fee. We only accept cash, MasterCard and Visa for daily admission. Season passes to Dutch Springs are available.

If you already have a barcoded Dutch Springs ticket or a season pass, on Saturdays and Sundays before Dutch Springs opens, please show it to the parking lot attendants. You will be directed where to park.

Once the main gate opens, you may drive to the location where you will drop off your scuba equipment. If you are taking a scuba class, please check with your instructor or dive shop to determine where you will be setting up to do your dives. Only scuba instructors and drivers displaying a handicap tag are allowed to leave their vehicles in our peninsula area. Please observe our park speed limit of 5 MPH.

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Equipment Rentals

Dutch Springs rents a variety of gear including 80 cubic foot air and nitrox tanks, weights, weight belts, dive locators (for people with solo diving certification) and other supplemental dive equipment.  If you would like to rent anything from Dutch Springs, please call to make a reservation at 610-759-2270.  All other equipment should be rented at your local dive shop. Dutch Springs will not be responsible if you do not bring the correct scuba equipment and/or any other items.

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Getting Ready to Dive

Two bathhouses offer bathrooms, heated changing rooms and warm showers. They are open 24-hours a day. Our scuba entry platforms and docks make it easy to enter the water. Large underwater platforms provide locations where you can train and demonstrate skills to your instructor. Our staff is always available to answer your questions; however, we recommend that you check with your instructor for any requirements that they may have.

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Scuba Air Fills

If you need to fill your tanks between dives, please take them to our air fill station. Please read the air fill procedure. You may use your vehicle to take your tanks to our air fill station, then back to your setup location. Please observe our park speed limit of 5 MPH.

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Returning to Dutch Springs

Dutch Springs is a fun place to dive and an excellent location to further your scuba training and skills. Dutch Springs does not provide any scuba instruction, so check with your local dive shop or instructor to learn about training opportunities that they may offer.

To gain entrance to Dutch Springs you will need to pay our daily admission fee, show your certification card, fill out a waiver, and have our season waiver sticker placed on your C-card. If you purchase admission for consecutive days, filling out and signing a waiver is only required on the first day. We will accept temporary scuba certification cards in place of your actual C-card. If you do not yet have a certification card, please discuss entry procedures with your scuba instructor. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Once a waiver has been filled out and signed, a sticker will be placed on your C-card indicating that a signed waiver has been submitted. As long as you show your C-card, with our sticker, another waiver does not have to be submitted during our calendar year.

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