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Everything you need to know about exhibiting at the Dutch Springs Dive Expo is right here at your fingertips!

Exhibitor Registration



30,000 divers each year explore Dutch Springs attractions for training and fun!
Dutch Springs wants to help the dive industry reach these divers to share knowledge and experience through our Expo.  Focusing on dive manufacturer participation, we will have sites available as “booth spaces” throughout our facility for product exhibition and demonstration.

Park Map

Want to know the lay of the land?  The Expo Exhibitor Tents will be located between the Food Stand/Change Building and the Aqua Park Pavilion.

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Exhibiting is easy and FREE!

Open to dive manufacturers and non-profits only, our event is free to participate in.  We just ask for a donation of at least one prize that will be drawn at the end of the event.  A covered area and picnic table will be provided by Dutch Springs.  Just bring your equipment, helpers and your display!  If needed, additional tables, chairs and booth equipment can be rented from Dutch Springs for the event.

How can exhibitors identify potential customers?

There is no cost to exhibit, however each participant is required to provide a door prize.  The door prize, and a raffle container, will remain at the booth for the entire weekend.  Each participant will get a certain number of raffle tickets to place in bins.  You will receive a list of attendees and their ticket number.  The more raffle tickets they put in your raffle bin, the more they want the raffle item, and the more likely they are a to purchase your product!

“In-Booth” Seminars

Each exhibitor will have the option of holding an “In-Booth” seminar.  We will provide a microphone and speaker for  use for 30 minutes to highlight and educate divers about your products!

In Water Demos!

What is the best benefit of exhibiting at the Expo at Dutch Springs vs at an Expo Facility?  Divers can demo your product live in the water at Dutch Springs!
Test diving new gear will allow your potential customers to experience and fall in love with your product!

FAQ’s and Tips

Get all of your Expo questions answered, below!

Expo Times- Saturday, June 6th

Regular Expo Hours- 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Night Demos- 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Dive Safety Series Seminar- 6:30 pm

Exhibitor Set Up Times

Friday June 5th- 10 am to 8 pm

Saturday June 6th- 6:30 am to 7:30 am

Exhibitor Registration Requirements

  • Must be a Manufacturer or Non-Profit associated with the Dive Industry
  • Dive Shops and instructors are not eligible for booth space.
  • Company Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, Website, Contact Name and Number
  • High Resolution jpg or png logo
  • Company description
  • General description of product you will be exhibiting
  • One item to raffle off at 4:00pm Saturday (with detailed description)
  • Names of up to 4 representatives helping at booth (with online waiver submitted)
  • All above items must be completed by May 15th

Expo Check-In Procedures

  • You will receive a print at home ticket for all exhibitor name badge participants (who are not Dutch Springs passholders)
  • Present your print at home ticket at the admissions gate upon arrival to Dutch Springs
  • Park in the Aqua Park parking lot and proceed to the Registration Tent
  • You will receive a Registration Bucket that contains:  4 show badges/lanyards per booth for helpers, Shop Program and Exhibitor Info Sheet
  • Proceed to your booth space and set up!
  • If your booth is located at the Pavilion or Exhibitor Tent, one car per exhibitor is allowed to park next to the area.  All other cars must park in the Aqua Park Parking Lot.

Booth Space Info

  • 10 ft x 10 ft space (under a tent)
  • One picnic table included
    • Additional rentals for table, chairs, etc is available
  • If bringing electricity, must be a quiet generator
  • Exhibitors can also set up at waters edge or in alternative areas- Dutch Springs will not provide a tent

Exhibitor Perks

  • Free Bagels and muffins Saturday morning at the Registration Tent for exhibitors presenting their name badge
  • Free Coffee and Water available throughout the day at the Registration Tent, Concession Stand and Blue Koi Gift Shoppe for exhibitors presenting their name badge
  • Free Boxed Lunch (6 in sub, bag of chips, drink) for exhibitors who preregister

Shipping of Booth Material

  • Dutch Springs will accept packages starting on Monday, June 4th
  • Pre-Registration Required
  • Please make sure all packages are clearly marked

Advertising for the Expo

  • At Dutch Springs booth at Beneath the Sea
  • Onside at Dutch Springs via flyers and banners throughout the facility
  • Dutch Springs website and social media
  • Flyers will be sent to all Dutch Springs Dive Shops (about 150) to display in their store

Door Prizes

  • Each exhibitor is required to provide a door prize that will be on display at their booth until 4 pm on Saturday
  • Entry buckets should be displayed in an area easily accessible to attendees
  • Exhibitors will bring their own prizes up to the Registration Tent at 4:00 pm where they have two minutes to talk about their product and pull the winning ticket
  • Attendees do not need to be present to win
  • A Dutch Springs Summer Season Pass is the Grand Prize of the Event

Show Program will Include

  • List of exhibitors and their contact information
  • Description of gear exhibiting
  • (Free) Half page Advertisement for each manufacturer
  • Site Map
  • Prize Listing
  • Show, Demo, speaker times
  • Speaker bios
  • Coupons for Concession Stand, Blue Koi Gift Shoppe and weekday admission coupons

Attendee Registration

  • All attendees must give us their Name, Address, Email Address and Certification Level
  • Pre-Registration closes Wednesday, May 22nd at 5:00 pm
    Benefits of pre-registeration: We mail the attendee their lanyard, name badge, program and 4 extra prize entries so they do not have to check in the Registration Tent!
  • Registrants after May 22nd will have to pick up their lanyard, name badge and program at the Registration Tent.

Speaker Information

  • Speaker Slots available throughout the day
  • Seminar area is an enclosed tent
  • Speakers are not paid, however, each speaker will receive free entry into Dutch Springs for the weekend and can dive when their seminar is not in session
  • The evening speaker slot is available


Contact Andrea Scott at or at 610-759-2270!