Challenger 600 Airplane

July 2013 Dutch Springs was contacted by a newly certified diver who worked for Dumont Aviation, an aircraft demolition and salvage company, who asked if we would be interested in an airplane to sink in the lake. Talks with Kevin Wargo, the owner of Dumont Aviation, soon followed. Through these talks, Dutch Springs learned about the Challenger 600 and Wargo’s willingness in donating it to Dutch Springs.

After many conversations with Wargo and Gary Fender, Director of Maintenance for Dumont Aviation, we made our way down to Dumont Aviation’s hangar in New Castle Airport Delaware to check it out in person. It was love at first sight! We had to have it!

After spending many hours of getting bids from trucking and crane companies who wanted to transport this large item, and even looking into landing the job on the A&E Series Shipping Wars, John Lemanowicz, owner of Superior Automotive out of Limerick, PA, contacted us. John had heard through the truckers grapevine that we needed help getting the plane from New Castle, Delaware and jumped on the opportunity to transport such a unique and exciting item.

Many things needed to be done to the plane to prepare it for transport.  The tail was cut off  able to clear bridges.  The wings, which were in one piece and attached to the bottom of the plane, also had to be removed and cut in half to be suitable for loading onto the tractor trailer.

After a long five months of planning and preparing, the Challenger 600 was ready to come to its new home at Dutch Springs. Loading the plane and four other pieces took the duration of the morning. John and his team of drivers hit the road around noon, with overwidth permits in hand, and made their way up the turnpike with many curious and gaping stares from other drivers on the road. Four hours later the Challenger 600 made its arrival at Dutch Springs, located behind the air fill station where it will stay until it is ready to be submerged into the lake.

Attraction Statistics:

  • Year Sunk: 2016
  • Overhead Environment: Yes
  • Attraction Size:
    • Length: xxft
    • Width: 2xxft
    • Hight: xxft
  • Line on Attraction: No
  • Closest Access Point: Peninsula East
  • Suspended Midwater: Yes
  • Attraction Depths:
    • Top of Attraction: 25 ft
    • Bottom of Attraction: 40 ft
    • Bottom of the Lake at Attraction: 65 ft
  • GPS Coordinate: