Sikorsky H-37 Helicopter

Donated by Mr. Peter Wright, owner of Keystone Helicopter, the Sikorsky H-37 was sunk in November of 1995.

This suspended from the surface attraction is penetrable by experienced scuba divers through several openings along the sides of the aircraft or through direct openings to the surface in the cockpit and just behind the main rotor.

Originally in the center of the lake, the helicopter was moved to the mouth of the cul-de-sac during the winter of 2016 to make room for Dutch Springs newest attraction, the Challenger 500 airplane.

Attraction Statistics:

  • Year Sunk: 1995
  • Overhead Environment: Yes
  • Attraction Size:
    • Length: 88ft (including rotors)
    • Width: 27ft
    • Hight: 22ft
  • Line on Attraction: No
  • Closest Access Point: Cul de Sac
  • Suspended Midwater: Yes
  • Attraction Depths:
    • Top of Attraction: 25 ft
    • Bottom of Attraction: 53ft
    • Bottom of the Lake at Attraction: 65 ft
  • GPS Coordinate: