VibeHCM Payroll Tutorial

These page¬†will help you navigate the Vibe HCM website for your paystubs and w-2’s.
If you have any other questions please contact your supervisor or Andrea for help ūüôā


1- Go to

2- Click on “Client Login”

3- Click “Vibe Pay Login”

4- Type in the following:

Employee #: Your 4 digit employee number (not your staff pass barcode)

Password: The last 6 digits of your social security number

Client Code: dutc0001

5- Change your password: must be 7 digits and have a upper case letter, lower case letter, number and symbol.

Too see your paystub click on “Pay Checks”

Too see your W-2’s click on “W-2’s” and then choose the year.

(W-2’s will be available to view and print on 1/31 each year)

Vibe HCM Mobile

Vibe HCM Mobile is your anywhere/anytime means of staying connected.  This secure mobile application gives you instant access to detailed Paycheck information.  vibe Mobile allows you to be self-sufficient with an intuitive user interface that takes you where you need to go Рquickly and on your own.

With Vibe HCM Mobile, you simply log in using your existing vibe or eci credentials. You can access personal information when it’s convenient for you.  Vibe HCM Mobile can be accessed via any HTML 5 compatible device by typing in or by downloading the Vibe Pay Mobile App from iTunes or the Play Store.

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